How It Works


Onelife the Network - Over 5,000-10,000 new members joining daily

Ways To Make Money

Mine for the Coins, Build a Team, MAB and the next is the Merchants. SKY IS THE LIMIT - depends on how much effort you are willing to make! Everytime someone uses your local business you can earn money!


The OneLife Network business model is based on a direct sales concept, in which members can profit by referring and selling our educational packages about cryptocurrency and financial management.

Growth July 2017

Onecoin-Digital/Crypo Coins

Benefit from the growth of the coins - January 2015 the coins were valued at just 50 cents today they are valued at 12.45 euros! There are no guarantees - they could go up or down but looking pretty good so far!


31.05.2015 = € 0.50
05.06.2015 = € 1.05
10.06.2015 = € 1.25
10.07.2015 = € 1.55
29.08.2015 = € 1.95
29.09.2015 = € 2.45
09.11.2015 = € 3.35
10.12.2015 = € 3.95
01.01.2016 = € 4.45
05.02.2016 = € 5.25
17.03.2016 = € 5.65
27.05.2016 = € 6.25
15.08.2016 = € 6.95
25.11.2016 = € 7.85
09.03.2017 = € 9.85

TODAY the price is 12.45 euros!





Mobile Application Builder - MAB

The easy way to build an App for your business and have access to a potential 20 million new customers.


For more information on the Easy to set Up Mobile App Builder - please visit our website




XCOINX.COM is a cryptocurrency exchange, where you can track the OneCoin development in figures. At present, OneCoin ranks number two in terms of market capitalization among all global cryptocurrencies. You cannot find OneCoin on coinmarket or other exchanges for several reasons. First, OneCoin is a young cryptocurrency, currently not open for trading to everyone. Second, only the OneLife Network can mine and trade the coin on the OneCoin Exchange. Third, all websites listing cryptocurrencies are private websites, meaning that it is up to their owners to decide which currencies to list or not


Merchants Partnerships are an important part of our business, which is why we have introduced the most powerful blockchain that performs more transactions than global credit card providers. In line with our vision to create a mass market for OneCoin, we aim to ensure global usage for the coin and to accommodate merchant needs. OneCoin is the best cryptocurrency for merchants - easy to use and with a blockchain running every minute